Elizabeth Banks made her directorial debut with this summer’s Pitch Perfect 2 — not only did audiences really dig her handiwork, but it looks like Banks herself was quite pleased with the experience, as she’s currently looking to line up her sophomore effort. Her next film may very well find the Hunger Games star in familiar territory, with an adaptation of the YA novel Red Queen.

According to THR, Banks is in talks with Universal Pictures (the home of Pitch Perfect) to direct Red Queen, based on the Victoria Aveyard YA fantasy novel. The novel takes place in a world with a blood-based class system in which the Red-blooded commoners live to serve the Silver-blooded elite. Mare Barrow is a Red who is struggling to get by, until she finds herself in the court of the Silver, who discover Mare’s hidden talent. The King forces Mare to pose as a lost Silver princess, and she is betrothed to his son. But while she lives as a Silver, Mare secretly aids the Red rebellion and finds her heart and her sense of justice at odds with one another.

Factions? Class system? A growing rebellion against the elite? That totally sounds like a Hunger Games-inspired YA novel, and given Banks’ experience in the Hunger Games franchise, along with her newly-proven talents as a director, this could be a great project for her to tackle.

The film is being compared to a blend of Hunger Games, X-Men, Game of Thrones and Cinderella — all major, attractive franchise properties. Even more attractive is the prospect of Banks directing another woman-centric film scripted by a woman: The Red Queen adaptation was scripted by Gennifer Hutchison, who has previously written for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.