It's one of the most famous meetings in history, and it gave us one of the most iconic photographs of all time: the 1970 meeting of Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon, the two posing as one hell of an unlikely pair. And now the story behind that photograph will be brought to the big screen, with Kevin Spacey portraying Nixon and Michael Shannon taking on the role of Elvis. Yes, Michael Shannon. Yes, Elvis. You are not dreaming. This is reality.

Deadline reports that Kevin Spacey will take on the role of former President Richard Nixon and Michael Shannon will play rock 'n' roll icon Elvis Presley in 'Elvis and Nixon,' the new film from director Liza Johnson, who most recently helmed the indie drama 'Hateship Loveship' starring Kristen Wiig.

The story of the meeting between Elvis and Nixon is just as bizarre as the photograph would indicate: according to the Smithsonian, Elvis was inspired to meet Nixon by his determination to acquire a federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge. He wrote a letter to Nixon telling the President that he would stay in Washington for as long as it took to get the credentials. He arrived at the White House one day in December, dressed in his purple velvet suit and signature sunglasses, and bearing a Colt .45 as a gift. When he met Nixon, Elvis and the President shook hands, and then Elvis showed off his collection of police badges.

Unfortunately, Nixon's infamous taping system had yet to be installed, so their conversation was off the record.

'Elvis and Nixon' was written by actor Cary Elwes along with Hanala and Joey Sagal, and will be produced by Cassian Elwes and Holly Wiersma ('The Dallas Buyers Club').