Producer Joel Silver has his sights set on 'Escape From New York' teaming with production company StudioCanal to remake the classic 1980s film and bring Snake Plissken back to the big screen.

Deadline reports that Joel Silver's Silver Pictures is teaming up with StudioCanal to reboot 'Escape From New York,' the film that starred Kurt Russell as the iconic Snake Plissken, a convict transported to a future New York, turned into a post-apocalyptic prison where he must rescue the president (Donald Pleasence) from the prison's big bad guy (Isaac Hayes). If Snake fails, a device attached to his body will detonate and kill him, but if he succeeds, he'll be granted a full pardon.

The original film, released in 1981, was directed by master of horror John Carpenter, and a remake was in the works not long ago with director Breck Eisner ('The Crazies' remake) attached and names like Tom Hardy, Jeremy Renner, and Gerard Butler all being tossed around as possible candidates for the lead.

Silver hopes to turn this reboot into a new trilogy with full support from StudioCanal focusing on the origin story of Plissken (groan), but who would possibly be able to fill the shoes (and eyepatch) of the legendary Kurt Russell? What do you guys think?