Excuse me, waiter?  Would you mind taking this back?  No one here ordered the pea soup.

A few days ago, we began hearing rumors that longtime horror classic 'The Exorcist' was to be adapted for TV as a 10-part mini-series, though now the creative minds behind the original are claiming not so.  Is this a case of someone's head spinning around a complete 180 degrees, or are we being spoken to in false tongues?

Plans to adapt legendary horror film 'The Exorcist' for TV are being dismissed as "utterly false," according to the original novel's author and film screenwriter William Peter Blatty.  Speaking with Bleeding Cool, Blatty claimed that any previous reports of Morgan Creek, Roy Lee and Sean Durkin adapting the story would be impossible, considering the rights to the property still belong to him.

However, there's still a ray of hope that the series might one day turn heads on TV, as Blatty himself alluded to the possibility of taking the story to television along with original director William Friedkin.  Referring to the 2009 announcement of a miniseries written and directed by Blatty is still a potential plan, the writer claiming:

Friedkin and I have a new miniseries remake script that we hope will one day be picked up.

Rather than simply adapt the same story as the 1973 film however, Durkin’s adaptation would have focused more on the time leading up to the girl’s demonic possession, particularly it’s after-effect and the family’s struggle to cope with the horrific development. When when medical and psychiatric explanation had failed, the family would to the church and bring in Father Damien Karras.

It remains to be seen if we're seeing the beginning of a rights dispute, or the original tale told by Vulture will prove to be a mistake.  Would you still want to see an 'Exorcist' on TV, or is the story best left to the movies?  Give us your take in the comments!

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