Just one day before a big crime-fighting team is about to assemble on-screen, Sylvester Stallone and his ragtag crew of mercenaries have assembled their own team of avengers in the trailer for 'The Expendables 2.' As you might expect, things go boom and faces get punched (and kicked).

As for the trailer itself, it's something of a mixed bag.  On the one hand, it's a thrill to see Arnold Schwarzenegger back firing a big gun again but, on the other, it's not so great to see him half-heartedly deliver cheesy callback lines like "I'm back."  And some parts are so awful, they're good again (Statham, disguised as a priest, stabs a dude and says, "I now pronounce you man...and knife").

Still for every scene of ridiculousness (who even knows what the hell the plot of this movie is but judging by the photo above, Stallone looks intent on selling some newspapers on the street corner for a nickel), it's great to see Sly and Jean-Claude Van Damme kicking the crap out of each other or Bruce Willis and Arnold bantering back and forth. It's appealing to our most primal urges (Stallone, as unintelligible as ever, grunts mostly all his lines) but sometimes that's an OK thing.  They might not be as super as 'The Avengers' but we wouldn't mind seeing them try.

But would it have killed them to include a little more Chuck Norris in this trailer?