Man, the world of Todd Phillips' 'The Hangover' films is kind of small, huh? Both Mike Tyson and Ken Jeong's Mr. Chow managed to appear in both of the films so far, despite the action of the sequel taking place literally across the planet from the first. Knowing this series, they'll probably appear in the upcoming 'The Hangover Part 3' as well, but they won't be alone. Another character from the series will also return to assist and/or plague the Wolf Pack during their third misadventure.

Did you guess that it would Mike Epps' "Black" Doug, who had the misfortune to share a name with Justin Bartha's character and got kidnapped for it back in the first film? In any case, our motley crew will apparently have a run-in with him during their next post-binge journey. Expect the sequel to recycle all of the jokes about him from the first film and hope you laugh out of sheer recognition. Hey, it worked for 'The Hangover Part II'!

Epps is currently in talks to return to the franchise and since this series has been a license to print money, he'd be a fool to say no. The sequel, which is rumored to take place in Amsterdam, will once again star Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis and is scheduled to arrive on May 24, 2013.