Despite 'Battleship' sinking at the box office like it was made with paper mache models and starred nothing but clones of Rhianna in every role, director Peter Berg continues to push forward in his Hollywood career and has signed on for another project, teaming up with a familiar name from his 'Friday Night Lights' days.

According to Variety, Berg has signed on to adapt 'Father's Day,' based on the book by sports writer Buzz Bissinger, who also penned 'Friday Night Lights' and just so happens to be Peter Berg's cousin. 'Friday Night Lights' helped put Berg on the director's map in Hollywood, eventually turning into a popular television show that ran for five seasons.

Berg has a first-look deal over at Universal Pictures, and they're currently looking into the adaptation. But this movie isn't the normal sports fare that Bissinger tends to write. This is a more personal story that "centers around [Bissinger's] relationship with his twins, one of whom has serious intellectual handicaps." Bissinger goes on a road trip with his son, to help him better understand his child and form a stronger relationship with him.

Right now Berg is set to adapt "Lone Survivor," a Navy SEALS movie starring Taylor Kitsch, Ben Foster and Mark Wahlberg.