The Character: Played by Clint Eastwood in a series of films in the 70s and 80s, Dirty Harry Callahan is a no-nonsense, gritty detective who gave us the infamous phrase, "Do you feel lucky, punk?" Dirty Harry's adventures started with 'Dirty Harry,' in which the detective tracks down the Scorpio killer, inspired by the notorious Zodiac murders, and continued through four other films: 'Magnum Force,' 'The Enforcer,' 'Sudden Impact,' and 'The Dead Pool.'

The Inspiration: Dirty Harry Callahan was inspired by real-life detective Dave Toschi, who worked as the lead investigator on the Zodiac murders in San Francisco. Toschi was a flamboyant detective, and 'Dirty Harry' wasn't the first character he inspired -- Toschi also inspired Steve McQueen's Frank Bullitt character in 'Bullitt' back in 1968. Several decades later, David Fincher made 'Zodiac,' and Toschi was brought on as an advisor for the film, in which he was played by Mark Ruffalo.