The cast of the hit show 'Glee' are moving on with their acting careers by slowing leaving the small screen to star in feature films. And 'Glee' star Dianna Agron is set to play the daughter of one of Hollywood's best actors in an upcoming dark action comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the bodacious blond babe will be playing Robert De Niro's daughter in 'Malavita,' a thriller being directed by Luc Besson. Michelle Pfeiffer will be playing her mother. Not a bad combo to have as your on screen parents.

'Malavita' is based on the book 'Badfellas' (a much better title than the one they have now) and tells the story of "an American mob boss (De Niro) in the Witness Protection Program who is hiding with his family in the Normandy region of France. But the man can’t stop his Mafia ways and begins to impose his will on the unsuspecting small town he lives in. His actions eventually attracts the mob he squealed on."

This sounds an awful lot like the Netflix series 'Lilyhammer' about a mob guy who hides out in Norway to get away from his mafia lifestyle. Tommy Lee Jones is also in negotiations to star in the film. Agron last appeared in 'I Am Number Four.' Relativity Media will be distributing 'Malavita' in the States.

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