Nope, no 'Kitchen Nightmares' here, and we're not booking a stay in 'Hotel Hell' after a lovely meal at 'Hell's Kitchen.' It seems star chef Gordon Ramsay has decided to get into the TV business for real, developing an original NBC scripted drama series titled aptly enough, 'The Inferno.' The project will be co-developed with Scott Stuber and directed by 'Smash' filmmaker Michael Mayer, but what's it all about? Can Ramsay stand the head of scripted TV's kitchen?

Who needs reality? After years on FOX cooking up reality TV with the likes of 'Hell's Kitchen,' 'Kitchen Nightmares' and 'Hotel Hell,' celebrity cook Gordon Ramsay is serving up another dish: scripted drama. The famously foul-mouthed chef has begun development on 'The Inferno' alongside producer Scott Stuper and 'Memphis Beat' writers Liz Garcia and Josh Harto, Ramsay's first foray into original fare.

Deadline describes 'The Inferno' as a "dark, operatic drama" that follows two fledgling New York restaurateurs on the edge of bankruptcy who hire a hot-tempered, larger-than-life Italian chef with a mysterious past. His arrival makes their restaurant the talk of the town, but apparently comes at a terrible cost.

Though Ramsay is producing, it's said that the "fiery" chef character isn't specifically based on the notoriously hot-tempered figure, but may borrow a few stories from his personal experience. 'The Inferno' landed at NBC after a bidding war with FOX, who hosted Ramsay's previous reality efforts.

What say you? Do you think Gordon Ramsay can cook up a good scripted drama? Would you watch 'The Inferno'?

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