We're reasonably certain that Mark Pellegrino has been in every TV show ever, from 'LOST,' to 'Supernatural,' to 'Chuck' and even 'Dexter.'  In fact, he may actually be standing behind your this very moment!  Fear not, though for we're sure he just wants to tell you that he'll be appearing in an upcoming episode of NBC's supernatural spook-fest, 'Grimm.'  He isn't the first 'LOST' alum to make an appearance, but what will Pellegrino be playing?

TVLine reports that former 'LOST' star Mark Pellegrino will guest star in the second season of NBC's 'Grimm,' set to scare its way back onto TV screens Fridays this fall.  Though Pellegrino has a rather extensive body of work, we singled out his 'LOST' appearance as Island protector Jacob given that the character's on-screen brother also appeared in 'Grimm,' when Titus Welliver portrayed fellow Grimm "Farley" in the first season.

In fact, even Doc Arzt himself has appeared on 'Grimm' when former 'LOST' star Daniel Roebuck guested as Lt. Orson, a Portland arson cop investigating fires linked to Silas Weir Mitchell’s Monroe.  Who do you think they'll cast next?

According to the report, Pellegrino will play Jarold Kempfer, one of Hank’s (Russell Hornsby) high school chums whose daughter goes missing.  Hank doesn’t realize, though, that his old pal is also a coyotl, or coyote-type creature.

What say you?  Are you getting pumped for the second season of 'Grimm?'  What guest stars would you like to see when the show picks up again this fall?  Sound off in the comments!