When we last left David Giuntoli's Detective Nick Burkhardt, he was about to tell his girlfriend that he's a Grimm, only for her to fall into a coma right before Silas Weir Mitchell's Monroe could turn into a Blutbad, on top of confronting the man who may have murdered his parents only to find out his mother (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is still alive.

It was a great cliffhanger, and with Season two starting, there's a whole lot to explain in world of 'Grimm.' Does the first episode of the second season deliver? Read on for your in-depth recap of 'Grimm' Season Two opener "Bad Teeth."

Opening with the quote "The blood-dimmed tide is loosed and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned..." the show starts by showing a boat, which then reaches Portland "one hour ago." One of the boat's containers is dripping blood, so the security calls in harbor patrol, which reveals mutilated corpses and weird writing on the wall. Of course, there's something in the container, which kills the security guard and cops.

Cut to: "Now' and the Woman in Black, AKA Nick's Mom pulls up to Nick's house as the end of Season One is reshown, with Nick fighting Kimura, the supposed killer of his parents. Now we see more of how the Woman in Black is waiting outside, and the fight seems a bit longer in general as Mom introduces herself, and the monster from the boat finds some keys.

Nick asks the obvious questions about how she survived, but she's more interested to see if Kimura (who's not dead) was sent by "The Dragon's Tongue." Oooh, sounds like the start of a big second season arc. The cops show up, and mom disappears. Captain Renard is with the men who show up, and he sees the markings on the back as well. Important.

We then cut to Monroe with possible love interest Rosalee as they work on a cure for Julliete. They test the medicine on a cat, and it reveals how terrible the curse is. Nick ushers the cops out, and his mom reappears. She just wants to talk to Kimura. She's been on his trail for years, and he knows who betrayed Nick's parents. It turns out another woman died in the place of Nick's Mom, and the killers took the other woman's head. Mom tries to convince him it was safer for him with her pretending to be dead. Monroe and and Rosalee show up, which sets off mom. Awkward.

Nick then has to explain who everyone is and that they're on the same side. They have information about the curse put on Juliette, and it can cause memory loss and dementia, but it will take sixteen hours to cook the antidote. Julliete is being watched by Renard, who goes in for a closer look and sees that her eyes have gone black. Mom and son have a couple moments in the house where Nick addresses his resentment, while her mom explains her eighteen year absence, which was all about finding her husband's killers. The royal families are in the midst of a power play, which has led to cultural strife throughout the world. And they have to destroy the coins from last season, which will protect them all. Renard confronts Adalind's mom in hopes of finding Adalind, who's disappeared. He wants Julliete cured so he can watch over Nick as he has been doing.

We then enter Julliete's mind, as her memories are erased 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'-style. Finally Hank makes an appearance, and he's at home cradling a shotgun, haunted by the memories of seeing a Blutbad (that was just Monroe trying to help out), and taking pills to calm down (they don't work). At Nick's, mom is making breakfast to make peace, but Nick's got an investigation and it's at the docks. Nick looks at the corpses, but the thing that sticks out is a scythe drawn in blood.Which means Reapers.

Back at the police station, they identify where the ship came from, and Nick and Hank lose the case to the feds. Renard confronts Kimura, who lets Renard know there are now two Grimms in town. At Nick's place, mom has been cleaning, and with trust established, Nick takes his mom to the trailer. It's there that Mom explains that being a Grimm has been in the family for a couple of generations, but there's no telling who will get it, and gives a little history to Grimms and their hunts. Nick then gets the coins out, and Mom tells him they have to be destroyed at Mount Doom (or some other location) where they were forged. They hug, and he shows her some crime scene photos, which makes her identify the possible species of the ship killer. In Europe, we're introduced to James Frain's character, who's beating a member of the Resistance, and the man who sent the killer to take out Nick.

Adalind's mom shows up at Rosalee's looking for the ingredients to the antidote, while Nick shows his mom the victims from the boat attack. Mom tells him that he's up against a terrible predator. Adalind's mom then contacts Renard, but shortly after that Nick shows up at her place, and threatens her. Afterwards Nick talks with his mother about the mysterious key that his Aunt gave him. This leads Nick and his mom to a scroll, and an explanation of the key: There are seven of them forged by Knights that hid the wealth stolen from Constantinople. There was also something in the treasure that's so super powerful it could control the world. The Royal families are willing to kill Nick for the key. So Nick has to talk to Kimura, but before Nick can get to him Kimura is poisoned by Renard. Then the boat killer tells the cop where he is.

The FBI show up, and one of them is killed immediately, just as Nick finds Kimura's body. The living FBI agent calls Nick to tell him to show up for a fight, but Nick brings his mom along. Nick finds the FBI agents bodies, just as the antidote for Juliette is ready. The killer stands up and is about to attack Nick when the words "To Be Continued" come up on screen.

If last season was episodic to a fault, it seems like with Season Two - now that they've got an audience - they're going to have much bigger arcs, and the pieces will start coming into place. That sounds satisfying, and though "Bad Teeth" doesn't wrap up all the questions from the end of season one, it does a good job at setting the show's new stakes for its Sophomore season. All in all a good episode, though the show still has problems giving all the cast stuff to do.

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