It's a quick turnaround for a new 'Grimm' episode, as we just had a new episode Friday. but 'Grimm' has moved to Tuesday nights, and it'll be interesting to see if the shift helps or hurts, as it's maintained solid ratings on a night that's generally considered dead. But the schedule shift shouldn't change the show too much (at least not yet) as it's heading into the home stretch of its second season, and we're curious to see how they wrap it all up.

The episode opens with more of an introduction than usual (maybe to get new audiences ready) and then the quote "They'll kill you, and I'll be here in the woods all alone and abandoned." over a shot of a field. At Nick's camper, Nick flips through one of his books to understand his key. Out in the field are two golf cart-ish vehicles, when a rancher finds a number of slaughtered cows, and then sees a blue glowing figure that accidentally kills him. The other cart shows up to find the body and sees the figure running off with some kind of bag. It leaves behind glowing skin.

At Monroe's house, Monroe (rocking a bow tie) talks with Rosalee about his father's hunting habits and his family's home. His parents may come to visit, but with Nick staying with him, that could prove awkward. Monroe also thinks Nick still needs his help, which leads to a big kiss... which is interrupted by Nick, who needs help. Nick realizes he's a third wheel and goes to his room. Monroe and Rosalee plan another date the next night, this time at her place.

Nick stews upstairs about the key when Monroe comes up. Nick shows him the key, and Monroe storms downstairs recognizing the map that the key creates. Monroe shows Nick a map of a place in Bavaria, and says the key leads to a place in the black forest. Nick has no idea who has the other keys, but he thinks he knows someone who can help. Juliette is sorting through her memories of Nick, and pieces seem to be coming into place. She remembers the first time they told each other they loved the other, and laughs. The blue being goes is named Vincent, and he goes into a farmhouse, and turns human. Vincent gives his girlfriend Jocelyn some of the cattle meat. She's pregnant. He tells her they have to move in the morning, which upsets her. Cops show up the dead rancher's place, and a strange man monitors his police band. His license plate shows him to be a U.F.O. aficionado.

Vincent tries to start a car, but has no luck. He has to leave Jocelyn to find a new vehicle. Captain Renard goes to his office, and finds Nick waiting for him. Nick brings up the key, and Renard says that there are seven: he has one, the Royals have four, and two are unaccounted for. Originally the Grimms held all the keys, but four were taken from over the course of their centuries-long war. Renard also reveals what could be the map's treasure, which includes the nails to which Jesus was crucified with. Renard also reveals that his own family hates him, and asks Nick if they trust each other. Before Nick can answer, Wu comes in with the cattle case.

Nick and Wu go investigate the scene, and the rancher tells them about the alien-esque being. They check to see where Vincent might have run off to, and find some of his skin. When they return to the farm, the U.F.O. fan shows up and introduces himself as George and gives Nick his card. George says he's on their team, but Wu brushes him off. A woman named Maureen is driving and singing along to country music when Vincent stands in the middle of the road. She swerves, and is knocked out, but when she wakes up Vincent is full blue and making a menacing face and grabbing for her.

George shows the rancher some images of aliens, and the rancher identifies one. Back at the barn, Vincent brings in Maureen, which freaks out Jocelyn. Eventually they get driving but Jocelyn asks him to pull over, as she appears to be ready to give birth at any minute. He takes her to an old cabin. It appears abandoned (and 'Evil Dead'-ish), but now she needs more food. Juliette shows up at Monroe's and explains that she remembers everything that happened around one of the photos of her and Nick. She feels that she's treated Nick badly, and is afraid that Nick won't take her back. Monroe wants her to talk to Nick, but she won't until she's ready. Then she drops the bomb, she asks "Tell me what a Grimm is?" Monroe tries to explain it, and doesn't sugar coat it, but doesn't spell it all out, which leaves her a little confused. Nick tells Wu investigates the cattle mutilations, and they find that the mutilations have been moving in a pattern across states. George checks out the barn, but gets a call that suggests he knows that they're not aliens but wesen, and can tell the woman is about to give birth. The baby is worth a fortune it seems, and George is a wesen as well.

Nick checks his camper, and finds the wesen-type, while Wu calls with news of what was taken from the cows: ovaries. Nick takes a drawing of the wesen to Rosalee who says that kind of wesen was hunted to extinction because their skins were so valuable. When Nick talks about the cow mutilation, Rosalee reveals that there's more than one, and that the female is pregnant. Monroe shows up, and he's annoyed that Nick may have ruined another date night, but he gets a little excited with the news of the blue wesen, a Glühenvolk. They find a possible location, and Monroe and Rosalee ask to go along. Vincent is being tracked by George, who has a powerful-looking gun. Nick drives past George's truck, and decides to go inside. They immediately deduce George's purpose, and what's in the bullets that George plans to use -- they allow him to skin the Glühenvolk so the shine remains. Nick finds the abandoned cabin, while George is on the hunt. He shoots the Vincent's bag.

As Nick drives up, Jocelyn calls out for Vincent, while George realizes he missed. Nick comes in the cabin and they can see Jocelyn is also a Glühenvolk. She then goes into labor. Rosalee prepares to help her give birth, as Jocelyn's water just broke. Nick goes to the car for supplies and Vincent sees him. The trio help Jocelyn when Vincent comes in, and he recognizes they're there to help. The child is born, but just then George comes in pointing a gun at them. Monroe tackles George, and the two fight, but George knocks Monroe out. Thankfully, Nick shoots George with his own gun. Nick decides to let the Glühenvolk go (they plan for Alaska), while Nick has set up George to take the fall. A SWAT team show up just in time to see George as a wesen, right before he turns back into a human.

If this turns out to be some people's first exposure to 'Grimm,' this is about a good an episode as any. It shows why the show works (even if it will never be classed with something like 'Breaking Bad' or 'Mad Men'). This is a monster of the week serial show, with good characters, and enough of a through-line to make watching week-to-week compelling.

Hank was totally out of the picture (it looks like he's back next week), and the Juliette story line is still creaking along (again, it looks like that might come to a close next week), but this gave good focus to Nick and Monroe, and especially Monroe and Rosalee, one of the cutest couples on television these days (and fortunately, no shipping is required). Look, Rosalee likes Monroe even though he wears a bow-tie. It must be true love.