Last week resolved one of 'Grimm''s many cliffhanging plots, and it looks like this week will finally bring the birth of Adalind's Royal child. Even so, that doesn't really go any place. No, this episode is notable for finally revealing Sgt. Wu's first name. Read on for all you need to know about this week's new 'Grimm' episode "Mommy Dearest."

The episode opens with the quote "I am going off to a house and entering it like a snake... I will devour their babies and make their hearts ache." In the Swiss Alps, Adalind is going through labor while Martin Meisner tries to help. Adalind gives birth while things levitate in the room. Once the baby's out, Adalind's powers are fully restored (it seems). Back in Portland a couple clean up after dinner while someone stalks them outside. She's named Dana and she's pregnant and needs medicine, so the husband Sam goes out. Dana reads in bed and turns out the lights when a wesen climbs a tree and breaks in. The wesen has a long tongue that goes into her pregnant belly, which wakes her up, and the tongue retracts. The wesen then comes in to resume feeding,which makes Dana scream -- a sound the neighbors hear -- while she's able to slice at the tongue and send the wesen off. Wu is eating dinner in a patrol car when he hears the call. It turns out the people at house are friends of his, and so he takes the call. When he shows up, Dana says something that's likely a Wesen name, and the paramedics show up and wheel her off while the wesen watches nearby.

Nick and Hank show up on the scene and see a blood trail going out the window. Outside they find claw marks, and question a witness who provides little new information, other than that there was a ticking sound. They go to the hospital and find that the amniotic fluid was what was being stolen, and that Dana and her baby should be fine. They question Sam, but it goes nowhere. Wu defends both Sam and Dana, and wants to be kept in the loop. Back at home, Juliette looks at Nick's photos of the claw marks on the house and tree, and figure it's wesen-based. Sam calls Manilla to tell his brother that "she's here in Portland" and then shows that he's a wesen. He's told he's delaying the inevitable. Sam then asks where the attacker is staying. Wu has a dream about Dana and dreams about the Aswang, a fairy tale from his childhood. The dream turns into a nightmare and Wu wakes up.

Back in Vienna, Adalind sleeps while Martin calls Sean. The baby is okay, and they plot to get her somewhere else. Nick and Hank go over the evidence and find nothing and then get a call from Dana's doctor, who tells them she's awake. Wu goes to talk to his cousin about the Aswang, but their conversation reveals nothing, while at the hospital Dana remembers little. Wu shows up and wants to mention the Aswang, but chickens out.

Sam gets a calls about the Aswang's location when Wu shows up at his house. Sam brushes him off. Rosalee finds some Valerian root (which was used on Dana), and she and Monroe offer advice, but they all head off to the camper to do more research. Sam confronts the Aswang, who it turns out is his mother, and that tradition is that the mom gets to take the life of the first born son's first child. But he has none of it, and offers her a plane ticket home, which makes her cry and then gets furious. Wu helps pack Dana's stuff and he's surprised that Sam isn't there but just then Sam shows up. Wu wants to question him, and Sam explains that he was seeing his mother and that his mother and Dana don't get along. These questions piss off Sam, so he rubs in Wu's face that he's the one who married Dana.

At the camper, Nick reads from one of his journals and finds an entry about the Aswang. The gang discuss letting Wu know about the whole wesen world, and though Hank thinks they should tell Wu, no one else does. Sam drives Dana home, and Dana reveals Wu's first name: Drew. Andrew Wu. She says there's nothing between her and Drew. Back at the precinct, Wu, Drew Wu, reveals that Sam's mom is in town. Drew Wu then breaks down and tells them about the Aswang, but thinks Sam is using the myth to kill his wife. Hank feels he needs to tell Drew something, but Drew just thinks he doesn't like the husband because of jealousy. Drew ends up calling Dana to check in as he's parked out front. Just then a cab pulls up with Sam's mom. The mom then starts climbing the tree and Wu doesn't understand.

Nick and Hank go to the mother's hotel and find a torn-up airplane ticket and Valerian root. Sam is in bed with his wife when he hears knocking, he goes downstairs and is knocked out by his mother. Mom enters the bedroom and comforts Dana, who seems to fall asleep. Outside, Wu is curious, while the mom begins her attack. Wu looks in the house and sees Sam on the ground, so he heads upstairs and sees Sam's mom as a wesen. This gives the mom an advantage, and so she attacks. Just then Nick and Hank show up and shoot her dead. The wesen then turns back into a human. Wu has a freak out about seeing the monster, and Nick tries to calm him, but Wu is having a breakdown. Back in Vienna, Adalind sleeps, and when Martin tries to touch her hair, the baby protects her. Back in Portland, Drew has checked in for psychiatric help. Nick and Hank tell him that he saved the baby and is a hero, but stop short of explaining the wesen world, while Wu is haunted by his memories of the Aswang.

This was an episode saved by the final minutes. "Mommy Dearest" seems like a concession to Reggie Lee, as he has never had much to do, though is always a welcome presence. It seems that he's likely to get an episode spotlight once or twice a year, and it's good that they care about the team players, but much of this episode felt like coasting. It's a good trick for police shows to repeat exposition to different characters (to pad time/explain things), but this episode felt especially egregious with so many scenes of nothing.

It's nice that Wu finally has a name, and it's good that he got his own episode, but it isn't until the payoff when Andrew has a wesen encounter that this episode gets some teeth. As we've seen all of the rest of the supporting cast let in on Nick's big secrets, it's good to see someone having such a violent and terrified response. How quick could you adapt to knowing that half the people around you are monsters? (In Portland it seems to be about 92% wesen). That redeemed an episode that gave focus to a character that wasn't all that interesting until this happened.As such, pretty much every other character got backgrounded, except, sadly, Adalind.

And there's no getting around it, the Adalind thing has gone nowhere slowly. This seems to be a part of the overarching whatevers of the show, so hopefully it ends up somewhere good, but right now... It's always the least interest part of the show. All in all, this is easily the weakest episode of the season, but as a set up, it's definitely strong. I can't wait to see where they kick the Drew Wu ball next.