So 'Grimm' is back in the swing of things after a near fourth month absence, and it's finally sorting out the big story arc of the season. Finally Juliette is out of her coma, and finally Detective Nick Brukhardt and Captain Renard know each other's secrets. Tonight's episode "Natural Born Wesen" looks like it will be more of a one-off, but we bet they get into some of the issues that were raised last week.

The episode opens with the quote "So the animals debated how they might drive the robbers out, and at last settled on an idea." Then it cuts back to Rosalee's shop with Nick colored bright red and passed out on the floor. When Monroe tries to explain things to Juliette she rejects the information, and then Nick wakes up. Rosalee leads off Renard and Juliette as Monroe takes some of Nick's blood for a potion, and then Renard and Juliette drink what is hopefully the cure for their lovesickness. Nothing happens, so Juliette goes home. Nick follows to keep an eye on her, but when Juliette goes in the floor is missing and she freaks out. Roll opening credits.

Monroe goes to a bank that gets robbed by Wesen who use their creature transformations as masks. During a breakfast Nick shows Hank his key and tries to explain what it is and what Renard's royal status means. While back at Juliette's place, the floor is still missing and the stairs go up to infinity. Nick and Hank investigate the shooting, and talk to Monroe who informs Nick and Hank that the criminals broke Wesen code of honor by revealing their Wesen identities. Nick check on the code at his trailer, and Monroe explains the witch trials had everything to do with Wesens, and Monroe offers to check in his community.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank check the criminals' exit strategy, and Wu tells them that this is the third such robbery in the last month. Renard then brings in Nick to talk. They cover Juliette, and Renard explains that they need to overcome their differences to make history or will be buried by it. Nick snarks his way through the conversation. Monroe calls about a Wesen bar that might have info, so Nick and Hank head out, but Monroe says he should go in alone. It turns out the criminals are in the bar and they recognize Monroe. When they come over to Monroe he asks for a cut of the heist, which gets him beat up.

Nick and Hank wait outside but when patrons come running out, the duo run in and break it up, but -- not wanting to blow their cover -- don't arrest anyone. Back at Rosalee's shop, Monroe suggests Nick deal with it as a Grimm, but Nick wants to get the criminals as cops first. The criminals plot their next heist and brag about how the cops didn't notice them, but the couple of the three are more interested in sex. Nick and Hank investigate the supposed home of one of the criminal Wesen, and find an old man who tells the two about the monsters who control his life. Nick calls Juliette and it breaks her out of her freak out. The next day, the criminals hit another bank.

The criminals run out, but when one drops some money, it leads to a shooting. Monroe makes breakfast, and explains to Nick about the Wesen council, which may come to kill the criminals. Nick is called about the new robbery, while the criminals go back to their house Nick and Hank investigate. At Rosalee's shop a number of Wesen are complaining and want to call in the council, which leads Rosalee to call them. Back at the precinct, it's revealed there are now copycats, which leads Renard to email someone pictures of the criminals, while Hank finds info on Gus, the third criminal. Just then Gus decides to quit the gang, which leads to him being murdered.

Nick and Hank show up at Gus' apartment and find the body, and his dirty boots sends them to the first location of the criminals, while the council decides to deal with the problem immediately. Nick and Hank show up at the first location and get into a firefight The criminals get arrested and taken in, but when they're being escorted into custody at the precinct they're assassinated. This makes the council happy. Back at Juliette's things are still a little weird when a distorted voice says "I Just want you to know the truth."

This was a more one-off episode, which are fine, but "Natural Born Wesen" was low-stakes after the last couple more plot heavy episodes. The central robbery narrative was just okay (and showed the limitations of the show's budget), and it looks like we'll be getting a couple more episodes like it in the near future. Those are better when they're more gripping, while this felt more perfunctory. But after dealing with so much set up and pay off, it's easy to understand why the show would want a breather episode.