This seems to be the make or break episode for Juliette. At the end of last season Detective Nick Burkhardt was trying to tell her that he was a Grimm, but she fell into a coma and has spent this entire season unable to remember him. Will this plot point continue for the rest of the season, or are they finally going to wrap it up? That's the big question in tonight's episode of 'Grimm.'

The episode starts with the quote "He sang a sweet song in tones so full and soft that no human ear could resist them, nor fathom their origin..." and then cuts to six months ago where Donald chases his wife for not wearing a black dress. He then Wesens out and kills her. In the present Nick and Monroe have breakfast and talk about the trailer. Nick says Monroe should take Juliette and Monroe reluctantly agrees. At the courthouse, Donald is on trial and his trial lawyer Barry Kellog is obviously gifted with Wesen magic dust, which he sprinkles on Rosalee, who is one of the jurors. Monroe shows up at Juliette's house and the two decide to go off to the trailer.

Once there Juliette remembers the trailer, but still can't remember Nick. In the trailer, she remembers Nick looking through his Grimm books, and after looking around she sees more of Nick explaining the trailer and multiple iterations of Nick until she gets freaked out and leaves the trailer. Monroe goes over to Rosalee's shop and she seems sick, and it's revealed that her sickness came on in the courthouse. Monroe comes home, and finds Nick getting an email from his mother. He also explains what happened at the trailer, and suggests that Nick give Juliette her space. Juliette is trying to sleep and flashes back to an old woman who understood her cat stratches and keeps hearing multiple Nicks.

At the courthouse, testimony is being given while Monroe watches. Barry then drops some dust on the witness, and she recants her testimony. When a lunch break is called, Monroe follows the lawyer to the bathroom where he sees Barry drop a frog. The lawyer is obviously a Wesen. Captain Renard gives details to Nick and Hank on the man he shot, and tells them that they all need to be on guard. Monroe then calls Nick to check on the lawyer, and Nick and Hank show up at the courthouse to give it a look. Wu's on the stand, and Barry spreads some dust on Wu, who then also gives sympathetic testimony.This isn't a bad set up, but wouldn't judges, etc. notice that Barry's winning technique is always the same?

Back at Rosalee's, Nick, Hank and Monroe tell her what's up, and try to get her to whip up an antidote. Juliette calls the lady from the Halloween episode "La Llorona" to help her out, but the woman tells Juliette she has a long journey ahead. Rosalee finds out a cure, but it requires Barry's sweat. Barry goes to a bar and picks up a woman who he uses his powers on to convince her, but then Monroe jumps at him while Wesened out. Barry goes running, and another friend of Nick's puts Barry in his truck. They get the sweat, but after the potion is ready they need to get it into a toad he'll eat. The next day, Nick and Hank go to Barry's hotel room, while Monroe is tasked with injecting the toad. Unfortunately, they have one shot, and there's two toads.

Nick and Hank continue questioning Barry, when Monroe's frog gets away. A little slapstick later, and Monroe gives a frog the shot. Barry gives him closing argument and gives off dust, but obviously, it's hard to tell if it's working. In Europe, Adalind meets with Renard's half brother Eric (James Frain). She says she doesn't have the key, so Eric promises to tell Nick about Renard.

At the courthouse, Nick, Hank and Monroe wait outside when the jury reach their verdict: Guilty. The gang all celebrate with champagne, when Monroe goes to answer who showed up. It's Barry, who then realizes it was Rosalee and charges her, which sets off Monroe. Nick then arrests Barry for assault as he pieces the whole thing together. Barry then ends up in jail with his client. Juliette wakes up to see images of Nick in her bedroom.

What made this a fun episode of 'Grimm' is that it was sort of their take on an 'Ocean's 11' style heist movie, and when the mechanics of that kicked in, the show was a lot of fun. It also found good use for both Hank and Monroe in fighting crime. But at this point, we're hoping for some kind of wrap up with Juliette soon. Perhaps that will be the cliffhanger end of season two at this point. But even if Barry's gifts seemed impractical for lawyering, this was a fun episode that used the show's ensemble well. Obviously, they're setting up the season finale with the cut to Eric and Adalind, and there's some interesting directions this could go, but this last run of monster of the week episodes have been enjoyable. But that's my take on this show: it's good Friday night viewing, if you know what I mean.