'Grimm' is getting close to wrapping up its third season (this is the penultimate episode), which has charted the birth of Adalind's child, and the upcoming marriage of Monroe and Rosalee. Otherwise, the rest of the gang have comfortably fallen into place as Nick's occasional helpers, so perhaps the arrival of Teresa is meant to shake things up.

The episode opens with the quote:"'No' said the King. 'I had rather die than place you in such great danger as you must meet with in your Journey'" as Nick, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee prep for the wedding over dinner and talk about Teresa (everyone calls her Trubel, but that's just ridiculous), who then joins them for dinner. Outside, though, is someone. Teresa reveals that she had no idea what was going on wesen-wise as a kid when she was living in foster care, and that she got locked up for being supposedly crazy. The man outside is Josh and calls and asks for Nick, but senses that he's busy and leaves. He's from Pennsylvania and is staying at a hotel, where he's spotted by Weston Stewart. In his hotel room, Josh meets the old man (who's his father Rolek) from the end of the last episode, who wants to talk to Nick immediately. Someone knocks on the door and when Josh opens it, he's attacked.

The attacker is a wesen who's killed by Rolek. It turns out the wesen is part of the Verrat, and Rolek is a Grimm, while Josh seems to have no Grimm powers. Adalind is in the bathroom when Sean comes in to her hotel room. She cut her hand and is still stressed out about her life. Renard gets off a good line off as she moves in to get intimate: "If I didn't know you better, I'd be in love with you." Stewart enters the old man's hotel room and finds the body, and then runs out. Rolek and Josh drive off and find a place to hide. The old man reveals he's dying. In the morning Juliette tries to bond with Teresa. Juliette invites her to go shopping for new clothes, but Teresa doesn't want to get used to a normal life. Renard wakes up and finds Adalind on the phone looking for Juliette, which he may or may not have heard.

Josh gets Rolek something to drink who then sends to him talk to Nick. Rosalee is in the spice shop and is freaking out over the wedding, and Monroe tries to comfort her. She thinks the whole thing is crazy, and she thinks something awful is going to happen. At the precinct, Renard puts a tail on Adalind, while Hank asks Nick how to deal with Teresa having killed people in the last episode. As there's no evidence, they think she'll get away with it. Josh comes to Nick's house and talks to Teresa. He shows her a drawing of a wesen, so she's calls Nick. Meanwhile, Renard shows Nick and Hank a picture of the Verrat the old man killed and it's revealed the dead man is part of special part of the Verrat that looks for antiquities. Renard tasks them with finding Rolek and Josh, which explains why Nick doesn't answer Teresa's call, which is why she goes off with Josh.

Wu is outside Adalind's hotel and sees her getting into a cab, so Renard asks him to call the cab company and get her destination. Teresa comes to meet Rolek, and he shows her his treasures from years of being a Grimm, but then he collapses. Adalind goes to Nick's house, but no one's home so she breaks in. She takes some of Juliette's hair and clothes, and Renard almost stops her from taking it, but she uses her powers to knock him out. Rolek tells Teresa he's got a key and that he needs to tell Nick about it, while Teresa is given the car to park. Josh gets a call from Stewart, who pretends to be Portland PD and has a carfull of Verrat. Renard wakes up and is pissed.

Teresa's at the hotel and she calls Nick, so she gives him all the dirt on Rolek. Nick goes up to Rolek's room and there Josh reveals his phone call from the police, and Nick knows what that means. Rolek wants his cane, but he then passes out. Hank sees men scoping the car so he calls Nick and tells him to leave Teresa behind just in case. Hank gets the Verrat soldiers to drop their weapons, but Stewart drives right up to Hank.

Hank gets out of the way in the nick of time, and then Nick and Teresa come in for the attack. Stewart drives off, making it a mostly fair fight, and Teresa kicks a whole lot of butt. She's sent home with Rolek's car. Back in the hospital Josh revealed that his father passed away. Renard goes into Adalind's hotel room, gun drawn, but she's not there, so he puts Wu on the case. Nick and the gang go through Rolek's things but can't find the key until they put the pieces together that it was in the cane, which is a big "duh, guys" moment. They then go to Rosalee's and put the key maps together. Meanwhile Adalind makes a magic potion with Juliette's stuff, which transforms her into Juliette.

Oh thank god Juliette's not going into another coma! Though the show has explored the wesen world and all the creatures therein, what made tonight's episode great was that the Grimm side of the mythology has mostly been lacking. Nick's been a lone wolf when he hasn't been with his mom, and now the show seems to show that besides the -- what -- 25% of the Portland population that's wesen, there are other Grimms as well. That's a fun development, and something the show hasn't explored much of.

To be honest, I'm half looking forward to next week as the season finale and half dreading it, as it will probably set up something that will take much of next season to resolve. The show has such established rhythms that whatever eventually befalls Nick and company will be undone by S4 E11, or perhaps sooner. That said, whatever this show is supposed to be (what, a more laid back version of 'The X-Files,' maybe?) this was an episode that was firing on all cylinders because the show is at it's best when it lets its ensemble play. And Teresa could make a great addition to the roster at this point, though we'll see how that goes in the future. Where 'Portlandia' mocks and coddles the Portland aesthetic, what I love most about this show is that it's way more Portland-y in that it has some much going on but takes time to be a foody and hang out. There's no rushing this show, and maybe next season, 'Grimm' will embrace the inner slacker that makes the show so charming.