ArenaNet has released a brand new video for Guild Wars 2 that highlights some of the changes players will see in the Last Stand at Southsun content update.

This latest batch of content that expands the game's Living Story goes live today, May 28th, and will feature a host of new things to do in the Southsun Cove region.

The video shows us some of the new creatures we'll be facing, like a giant, purple hermit crab that looks like it was ripped from C'thulhu's more tame nightmares.

We're also shown a little bit of gameplay from a new boss encounter called Canach's Lair. This area looks to be cavernous and littered with explosive flora, like a living minefield.

For a limited time only, we'll have access to achievements and rewards that are exclusive to the Southsun events, so be sure to stock up on some of the rare pieces of gear you can acquire.

Watch the video above and let us know if you'll be tearing up new creatures and grabbing sweet loot in the Southsun Cove region.