It hasn't even been a month since the last update, but Guild Wars 2 is rolling along with even more rapid-fire content with Last Stand at Southsun, the latest addition to the game's Living Story.

Due out on May 28th, Last Stand at Southsun will charge players with joining Inspector Kiel of the Lionguard to hunt down the Sylvari renegade named Canach and thwart his attempts to attack Southsun Cove.

The update will feature the following:

  • New Improved World XP: Players will be able to gain rewards for doing even more in the World vs. World portion of the game, receiving awards for destroying siege weapons, escorting non-player characters, aiding with repairs, and more.
  • Greater Variety and More Rewards in WvW: World vs. World XP is gained for playing however you see fit thanks to daily achievements. Each World rank you gain will also net you a chest with WvW loot.
  • New WvW Abilities and Matchup Changes: New abilities like Burning Oil Mastery and Defense Against Guards have been added, giving WvW a refreshing boost.
  • Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode Beta: Bugs have been fixed and players can now use Custom Arena Time Tokens to extend their time.
  • Infusions and Ascended Gear in WvW: You can now purchase Ascended rings and amulets in WvW, as well as upgrade your abilities with six new Infusions. New Laurel and Badge Merchants will be available on each map to help facilitate this.
  • New Southsun Cove Rewards: Until June 11th, 2013, players can find their own Mini Reef Riders, which act as floating companions. Players can also earn limited-edition rewards from looting creatures and chests in Southsun Cove, and also by playing the Crab Toss game.
  • Exclusive Southsun Items: During the Secret of Southsun events, players can earn the Fervid Censer and Sclerite Karka Shells, which are two exclusive back items.

Does all of this sound cool to you? Tell us what you think about this upcoming update to the game and let us know if you'll be jumping in to check out the changes.