As much as we can already taste a 'Hannibal' season 2 renewal, we won't stop chowing down on the final four episodes of the season begun by Thursday's all-new installment "Buffet Froid." The latest clip from the episode shows that Will's mind continues to lose time in more ways that one, so will our protagonist wind up even crazier than the titular character? Get an appetizer for the latest 'Hannibal' inside!

NBC's 'Hannibal' has continually developed its own twist on the classic Thomas Harris mythology, particularly in FBI profiler Will Graham's (Hugh Dancy) own struggles with darkness and insanity. The latest clip via TVLine from Thursday's all-new episode "Buffet Froid" continually puts that idea to the test, as Will's repeated blackouts come with yet another troubling side effect that Hannibal manages to uncover in therapy.

Will's latest difficulties come as yet another artful serial killer comes to plague the FBI, but can Will manage to snap out of it long enough to see the killer's face? Or has his condition made him even more dangerous than he realizes?

You can check out the preview clip from "Buffet Froid" (above), as well as a teaser for the episode (below). Give us your predictions for the final four episodes of 'Hannibal's' first season in the comments!

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