We've only two episodes remaining in the first season of NBC's 'Hannibal,' and from the looks of things, both blood and secrets are about to spill. Tomorrow's all-new penultimate installment "Relevés" will see Will putting together more clues toward the identity of the Chesapeake Ripper's copycat killer, but will the clues finally lead to Hannibal himself? The outlook from the latest clip isn't so good...

As we see from the clip above, Will can tell that something was amiss with Georgia Madchen (Ellen Muth)'s supposed murder of Dr. Sutcliffe, but whether or not he manages to see through the good Dr. Lecter's manipulations remains to be seen. Along with the clip, NBC release a spoiler-filled description of tonight's episode for you to read at your own peril:

“Relevés” – After Georgia Madchen (Ellen Muth) dies in an explosion, Will (Hugh Dancy) asserts that the copycat killer is still alive. The BAU team links Abigail (Kacey Rohl) to the Minnesota Shrike victims and plan to arrest her only to find Will has checked her out of the hospital. Will’s hallucinations intensify, causing him to lose Abigail in Minnesota. Meanwhile, Hannibal’s (Mads Milkkelson) subtle manipulation convinces Jack (Laurence Fishburne) that Will is capable of murder. Hannibal makes an astonishing admission to Abigail.

Will the investigation come crashing down around Hannibal, or might Dr. Lecter manage to turn the situation to his advantage and shift the blame elsewhere? Check out the clip above, and tune in for tonight's all-new 'Hannibal' on NBC!