Unless you were actually at E3, you might have missed news Dennaton Games was readying Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for a 2013 release. Fortunately, the developer managed to share some details about the upcoming sequel, and final game, in the series.

Dennaton met with Polygon during E3, and Hotline Miami's creator Dennis Wedin dished some details on what to expect from this hyper-violent sequel. "This is the end," Wedin said. "This is the grand finale for Hotline Miami. Everything will end with this game. We also tried to give that tone to the game as well. This is the theme for the whole game. It has that sadness. All good things end."

Wrong Number takes place a few years after the original game, with players taking on the role of several different characters and factions during the story. One such faction is a group making a slasher film about the events of the first installment. Another faction is known as the Fans. These are people upset they missed out on the vigilante action Hotline Miami's protagonist was a part of, and don masks to gain media attention.

"[The Fans] kind of symbolize people that want Hotline Miami 2 to be exactly like Hotline Miami 1," Wedin said. "They have the masks and the phonecalls. It's pretty much the same. We tried ... to give the characters different motivations to why they kill. They're hardcore fans who take it too far."

There's no concrete date in place yet for Hotline Miami 2, but the game will (hopefully) be coming to PC, Mac, and Linux this year. There's a PlayStation 3/PS Vita version of Hotline Miami coming soon, so there's a chance the sequel could find its way to Sony's systems eventually, too.