'How I Met Your Mother' spinoff 'How I Met Your Dad' set the internet ablaze with varying reactions to the news that indie darling Greta Gerwig would take the leading role, but its next major casting should cause far fewer arguments. Find out if 'Buffy' and 'Dollhouse' alum Eliza Dushku will next head to CBS to join the cast of 'How I Met Your Dad'!

Though nothing has been confirmed for the moment, we couldn't help but notice a recent post from Dusku's official Twitter feed that specified she'd at least be reading the script for the 'How I Met Your Dad' pilot. Dushku is no stranger to sitcoms, either, having previously guested in FX's 'The League,' as well as CBS' own 'The Big Bang Theory.'

Specifically, here's the only remaining open female role for the cast of 'How I Met Your Dad':

JULIET | Sally’s sexy, flamboyant, energetic, party-girl BFF. She runs a successful fashion blog. She’s delighted to learn Sally is ending things with the terminally boring Gavin.

Then again, there's always the role of Future Sally narrating in voiceover, just as Bob Saget curiously provided the voice of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) for nine seasons. Elsewhere, the cast for the spinoff includes Sally's (Gerwig) older gay brother Danny, his husband Todd, and Juliet’s coworker Frank, who harbors a one-sided crush on Sally (think reverse Robin).

Well, what do you think? Would Eliza Dushku, ostensibly the next Barney, make a fine fit for 'How I Met Your Dad'? Keep the below in mind, and give us your take on who you'd like to see cast for the pilot spinoff in the comments!

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