Most of the latest casting for the upcoming remake 'Robocop' has focused on the new characters, from Gary Oldman's creator, to Samuel L. Jackson's entertainment tycoon. Though we don't expect it to be a scene-for-scene remake, we're curious how much of it will reflect the original. There are some elements, as it seems that Hugh Laurie will be playing the head of OCP.

In the original movie that character was played by Dan O'Herlihy as a grandfatherly figure whose character's name was "The Old Man." We're wondering if this new version will combine that role with Ronny Cox's Dick Jones character, the second in command who was working with the crime lords of New Detroit. This seems likely as The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Laurie will be playing the villain in the film.

The former 'House' lead would be asked to play the role as cold and sarcastic, according to Variety. This is very much in Laurie's wheelhouse, though he started out often playing pompous and daft in shows like 'Black Adder.' But after 'House,' being a bit of a grinch is likely his Hollywood calling card. The Jose Padilha remake already has an August 9, 2013 release date, so the final cast should be coming together shortly.