The 'Ice Age' series continues to tackle Earth's biggest events as seen through the eyes of talking, prehistoric mammals who would never hang out with each other. This time the world is literally falling apart in the new trailer for 'Ice Age: Continental Drift.'

Look, we have some questions: Why can't that little squirrely guy have the acorn already? Are they implying that every major event in the history of time is the fault of this little dude because he wanted a stupid acorn? Why doesn't he try to eat food that won't roll away from him? Is that acorn sentient?

You can't blame us for wondering these things. That acorn is a prominent fixture of the series and probably the most interesting thing about it. Each film is like Mad Libs, where one major event is replaced with another. The titular ice age that started it all, the end of the ice age (which begs the question -- why are they still calling it 'Ice Age'?), the appearance of dinosaurs, and now that time when Pangaea split and became the continents that we know now.

Oh, and there's apparently some sort of pirate twist because kids are really into pirates. You've seen 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' right? Well this is like that, but with mammoths and sabretooth tigers being friends -- which, as we all know, is completely insane -- and no one is walking around drunk in too much eyeliner.

'Ice Age: Continental Drift' unites the voice talents of Ray Romano, Denis Leary, and John Leguizamo with Seann William Scott, Peter Dinklage, and Alan Tudyk. If this were a live action movie, we'd have purchased 20 tickets already to see Peter "The Dink" Dinklage slap the hell out of John Leguizamo, straight up 'Game of Thrones' style. Speaking of which, if they made an 'Ice Age' movie that was like 'Game of Thrones,' we'd watch that, too. And that sentient acorn would totally be king.


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