Klei's upcoming spy title Incognita is about to enter alpha. To celebrate, the devs have released a trailer, and opened sign-ups for early access.

To get into the alpha, all you've got to do is pre-order Incognita. You'll also get the full game and soundtrack when Klei finishes development. As you can tell, the isometric strategy game has tons of style. The multiple classes each offer something different, and you'll have to use each of the characters to complete your objectives.

Klei hasn't been disappointing with its latest efforts, as Mark of the Ninja, Don't Starve and both Shank games have been tremendous fun to play. Incognita looks to follow in the same suit, though for now it's only scheduled to appear on PCs. Check out the trailer, and see if it can help you decide whether or not to pre-order and get in on the alpha.