Turbine has released a new Infinite Crisis trailer featuring a radioactive Hal Jordan as the Atomic Green Lantern. Someone get this man a Geiger counter.

Hal's ring mysteriously lost its emerald might, so he had to resort to a new, radioactive isotope to fuel his powers. Now that he's a walking nuclear power plant, Hal's in danger of dying at any moment and is in constant pain. Still, while he's got the strength, he'll do all he can to bring justice to the world.

As a melee bruiser, Hal needs to get up close and personal. Thankfully, his light construct arm allows for better reach and can help disrupt team fights. His skills are as follows:

  • Radiation Sickness - A passive ability that deals bonus power damage and generates "Rads," which slows enemies and deals damage over time.
  • Grab - Hal's construct hand reaches out and drags the first enemy it touches towards him. The enemy is dealt Power Damage and is stunned for a brief while.
  • Scorched Earth - Hal pounds the ground, dealing Power Damage to the immediate area. The affected area then explodes a second time and deals Power Damage to nearby enemies.
  • Shards of Will - A health shield that is reinforced by nearby enemies affected by Rads.
  • Meltdown - Hal's Ultimate, which fires a toxic shard that seeks out the closest enemy, slows them down and deals area-of-effect power damage.
Check out more on Atomic Green Lantern in the video above and sign up for the beta!

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