Cyborg gets his time in the spotlight in the newest trailer for Infinite Crisis. Let's see what this big, bad 'borg can do to help your team conquer all.

The former Teen Titan known as Cyborg acts as a ranged damage dealer in Infinite Crisis and can inflict a lot of damage on the enemy as a result. According to the video, his basic attacks are his bread and butter, while all of his special skills help him augment his targeting.

His passive ability is Cybernetic Targeting, which allows every fourth basic attack to deal a percentage of his target's max health as bonus damage.

Tracer Shot hits all enemies in a line and applies a debuff that increases the chance of getting a critical hit.

Charged Burst slows enemies and deals double damage, plus increased slowing, to targets with Trace Energy.

Cascade buffs Cyborg's movement and attack speed. Hitting enemies with Trace Energy increases the duration of Cascade.

His Ultimate is Plasma Cannon, which damages all enemies in front of you and buffs up the damage, range, and penetration for basic attacks.

Check out the video above to see these skills in action and to learn more about how to use Cyborg successfully in the arena. Let us know if you'll be using him in Infinite Crisis when it's released for PC later this year!

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