We've already seen two different alternate universe Batmen make their debut in Turbine's Infinite Crisis, but the pretenders can step aside--the real Batman is finally here.

Batman is arguably the best super hero of all time, so there was little doubt the version we all know and love would make an appearance at some point. Like the previous Infinite Crisis vids, this one takes a look at the powers and abilities the standard Batman has in the game.

Whether its his ability to heal while in stealth thanks to Watching and Waiting, or stun his opponents with his Martial Arts, there's little this version of Batman does that doesn't suit the character perfectly. His ultra Dark Knight even invokes memories of Batman: Year One, and has us eager to put powers to use as soon as we get into the game.

Infinite Crisis is still in beta, which you can also still sign up for, but the game is certainly looking good. There are countless other characters to add, and we can't wait to see which hero or villain makes it into the fold next. Fingers crossed for a Red Son Green Lantern.