The latest Infinite Crisis character profile takes a look at an alternate version of Batman's nemesis, the Joker. This Gaslight Joker has a lot in common with Sweeney Todd, and when he's on your trail, you had better hope he doesn't sick the rats on you.

There are now three Gaslight characters in Infinite Crisis, though we're not sure which is the strongest just yet. Gaslight Joker has a host of incredibly powerful abilities that serve to control the crowd, and can allow him to deal major damage at the expense of his own health.

With Blood Money, Joker can recover health by picking up credits dropped in battle. Slicing opponents with the Fetid Cleaver adds a bonus to damage, but also heals Joker for the same amount he's damaged his opponent. Then there's the Shower of Filth, where the Joker throws a poison ham at enemies. If they don't get hit by the ham, they have to run from the area. Those that do get hit are struck with slower health regen. If the Joker decides to eat his Ham Snack, he will actually get a shield that reduces damage on the next enemy skill. All those pale in comparison to Rat Swarm, the Joker's ultimate move, which summons a massive pack rats to surround the Joker, and deal consistent area of attack damage to all enemies.

Just like the real deal, the Gaslight Joker isn't the type of enemy you want to take lightly. At the sacrifice of his own health, he'll try to take you out. That's a dangerous kind of opponent. Check out the video of Joker in action, and let us know which of characters revealed so far you're most excited to play.