Billy Batson gets some time in the spotlight as he changes into Shazam and wrecks minions as a melee Enforcer in Infinite Crisis. A new gameplay trailer shows the super-powered mortal in action while also teaching us the best ways to use him in the game.

Shazam is an energy-based character who hits like a truck and is able to utilize the power of lightning.

His Power of Zeus passive ability lets him trigger a lightning bolt that zaps nearby enemies using only normal attacks. Speed of Mercury lets Shazam perform a dash towards an enemy, knocking them to the ground for a short period of time. Mystic Power/Defense lets you toggle between two modes that either let you attack with chain lightning or activate a shield that recovers your energy upon getting hit.

Another toggle ability is Lightning Field, which deals power damage each second and slows enemies around Shazam. And his ultimate ability is Shazam!, a move that lets you transform back into Billy Batson while running headlong into an enemy, and then transforms you into Shazam once more in order to deal damage to an area. This also knocks back any enemy caught in the blast, so be sure to use it against large groups.

Watch the video above to learn even more tips and tricks that will help you play Shazam like the lightning-charged hero that he is.

And don't forget to sign up for the Infinite Crisis closed beta here, so you can play the game way before it's released in Fall 2013 on PC.