The upcoming multiplayer online battle arena based on DC properties, Infinite Crisis, is set for launch later this year. Now Turbine has revealed its Founders packages, to help sweeten the deal for any fans who are looking to be early adopters and jump into the fray.

The Founders packs come in three flavors: Basic, Standard and Elite. The Basic pack costs $19.99 and nets you 800 Crisis Coins, 3 Champion Unlocks, instant early access to Coast City and an exclusive Protector Icon for use in-game and in the forums.

The Standard pack will cost $49.99 and gets you 3,200 Crisis Coins, 6 Champion Unlocks, instant early access to Coast City, the exclusive Protector Icon and an exclusive "Renaissance" Gaslight Batman Costume.

And finally, for the big spenders out there, there is the Elite pack for $99.99. This package gets you a whopping 8,600 Crisis Coins, 12 Champion Unlocks, instant early access to Coast City, an exclusive Protector Icon, the "Renaissance" Gaslight Batman Costume, an exclusive "Arkham City" Batman Costume and guaranteed early access to Gotham Divided, the next map release.

Of course, all packages come with immediate closed beta access, so you can start training up for the battles ahead. You can purchase these Founders packs here.

Let us know if these packs are tasty enough to get you to bite! Watch out for Infinite Crisis when it's released later this year for PC.