Watch out world, here comes 'The Amazing Spider-Man.' He may not be in theaters for another couple of months, but several countries are already getting Spidey fever with the marketing that's taking over. And in Japan, there's nobody at this point who won't know Andrew Garfield's face thanks to these new posters.

When it comes to marketing a summer tentpole movie like Spider-Man, it's expected that we would be flooded by a number of television spots, behind-the-scenes clips and banners up until the movie's release. But another reason Sony needs to shove this friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in front of us is because he's the latest version. Everyone needs to be more or less familiar that he's the latest incarnation of our favorite web-slinging hero, that way nobody in the theater is scratching their head at the beginning of the movie thinking "Wait... what happened to that other Spider-Man? The one who did that weird dance in the third film?"

Make sure you check out 'The Amazing Spider-Man' when it's released in theaters nationwide on July 3, 2012, presented in 2D and 3D. Check out the three new Japanese international posters below, courtesy of Latino Review.