'Iron Man 3' is back filming after a break in production while star Robert Downey, Jr. healed his broken ankle. The film set up South Florida to look like Malibu and Downey, Jr. was back on set, along with the new Mark XLVII and Iron Patriot armor.

Filming resumed on 'Iron Man 3' yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, converting the Dania Beach area into Malibu and constructing a replica of Neptune's Net, an actual beachside restaurant in California. It's unclear what brings Tony Stark to this location but he's also there with the new Extremis armor and his pal James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) as War Machine (wearing the Iron Patriot armor).

After wrapping up a few days of filming in Florida, 'Iron Man 3' will return to North Carolina to finish the shoot (and return to the scene of the crime where Downey broke his ankle).

The 'Iron Man 3' trailer was rumored to be hitting theaters this month but so far no confirmation on that news.

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