David Gordon Green's 'Suspiria' is gaining some steam as it's just found a lead in young actress Isabelle Fuhrman.

According to Variety, Green's remake of the 1977 Dario Argento horror classic 'Suspiria' has found its Suzy... that is, if the character remains the same. Isabelle Fuhrman - who was most recently seen in a small role in 'The Hunger Games' but is perhaps best known for her shocking turn in Jaume Collet-Sera's underrated 2009 horror film 'Orphan' - has landed the lead. She'll be seen next alongside Jaden Smith in 'After Earth.'

Fuhrman is only 15 years old, which indicates that Green is choosing to skew a little younger with this cast than Argento did with the original.

Green has been working on a remake of 'Suspiria' for several years, but it wasn't until recently that a script he co-wrote with Chris Gebert was completed. The film begins production this year.

Argento's original 'Suspiria' starred Jessica Harper as Suzy Banyon, a young ballerina who travels to Europe to attend a prestigious ballet academy. Once there, a string of unfortunate and eerie circumstances lead her to discover that the academy is being run by a coven of witches, dedicated to death and destruction.

Green has said that his film won't take place at a ballet academy, perhaps smartly eliminating any comparisons to Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan.' Green's directorial output as of late has been the critically panned comedies 'The Sitter' and 'Your Highness,' which couldn't be any more different than his earlier dramatic work. A horror remake might be the kind of thing he needs to get back in gear.

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