We, as fans, can admit that the 'Star Trek' video game released this summer, pretty much sucked. Critics were also not kind, with IGN saying "there isn't a scrap of imagination or originality in this whole thing, and it's a flat-out waste of the source material."

In general, video games based on movies are not very good, and while fans and critics may admit that, you traditionally don't ever hear the director of the movie bashing the video game adaptation. But, J.J. Abrams has come out and said he was "emotionally hurt" by how terrible the 'Star Trek' game was and believes that it's quality (or lack thereof) hurt his movie too.

Abrams was at the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' DVD release party in Los Angeles and told GamerHubVideos that the video game based on his movie was a huge disappointment.

The last game, which was obviously a big disappointment to me, was something that we were actually involved in from the very beginning and then we sort of realized it was not going in a place where we were going to get what we wanted, so we dropped out and they continued to do it despite... y'know...

I think, for me emotionally it hurt, cause we were working our asses off making the movie and then this game came out and it got, this isn't even my opinion, it got universally panned and I think that it was something without question that didn't help the movie and arguably hurt it.

J.J. Abrams is a guy who wants a lot of control. There are plenty of stories about the difficulties Abrams, Paramount and CBS had over the merchandising and licensing surrounding the 'Star Trek' brand while the movies were being released. Abrams, rightly so, wanted a good deal of creative control over some of these properties and, with this video game, he didn't get it. We can't say with any degree of certainty that it "hurt" 'Star Trek Into Darkness' (we can think of some other things - ahem - that more directly hurt that film...), but alienating the film's high-profile director and his creative team, certainly did nothing to improve the game.

Whether the full participation of Abrams and his lieutenants would've resulted in a brilliant 'Star Trek' game is unclear, but it's likely we won't see another 'Star Trek' game associated with 'Star Trek 3' as long as Abrams is still involved. And, we'll wager that Abrams' contract with Lucasfilm affords him a higher degree of control over whatever 'Star Wars' films and their associated spinoffs he's working on.

What do you think? Did you play the 'Star Trek' game and, do you agree with J.J. Abrams that it sucked and hurt the movie?