It seems that Gore Verbinski and company have made Jack White an offer he can't refuse, and the former leader of The White Stripes will be composing the score for 'The Lone Ranger.' It's nothing if not an interesting choice.

White wouldn't be the first rock star to make the jump to big screen scoring, with the most successful being Danny Elfman. Others have flirted with movie work, with the band Queen brought in to provide music to 'Flash Gordon,' while Eric Clapton has also helped and performed on a number of scores (most notably the 'Lethal Weapon' franchise). It's an outside the box choice, and a little surprising as Verbisnki has worked with Hans Zimmer on his last couple projects.This news comes from Variety.

Jack White wrote the title song for 'Quantum of Solace,' but he's had more experience as an actor than film composer, having appeared in 'Coffee and Cigarettes' and 'Cold Mountain.' With his signing on as composer, it's possible that he may also cameo in the film.

As the film had huge budget battles, one wonders how much fighting how to go on to get White on, and if he had to demo some music, or if Johnny Depp (or someone else) had to make an argument for him. Regardless, it definitely makes 'The Lone Ranger' sound more interesting.