Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the hottest actors at the moment, and we're not talking physically. Warner Bros Pictures and Dark Castle has their eye on the 'Source Code' actor, hoping that they'll get him to replace Dominic Cooper in the lead role for their latest movie 'Motor City.' Albert Hughes is set to direct the picture off of the script written by Chad St. John.

This would be one fun role for Gyllenhaal to slide into. Variety reports that he would be playing a convicted felon who's released from jail only to hunt down the people who framed him for a crime he didn't commit. On top of that, he would be part of a nice cast that includes the likes of Gary Oldman and Amber Heard. We've seen Gyllenhaal in a variety of roles, one of which include for him to be practically shirtless throughout the duration of the movie, but it's time we see him as a tough guy.

We last saw Jake Gyllenhaal filling up the big screen with his blue eyes and sharp acting in 'Source Code.'Keep on the lookout for the actor once again when he appears in the mystery film 'End of Watch' alongside Anna Kendrick, Michael Peña and America Ferrera. The movie is due out in theaters on September 28, 2012.