No matter how bad 2017 gets with each passing day, there’s the gift of a singing Jake Gyllenhaal to make it all feel a little better.

Today brought full four minutes of the actor’s singing in a video posted to his Facebook. This isn’t just any video though, it’s practically a music video directed by Cary Fukunaga. Always a lover of the tracking shot (who could forget that amazing True Detective one-shot?), the video follows Gyllenhaal down the stairs and across the stage at the Hudson Theater in Manhattan.

Gyllenhaal sings “Finishing the Hat,” a song from the musical Singing in the Park with George in front of a full orchestra. And now I’m just mad Gyllenhaal hasn’t showed off those vocals of his more often.

If you want to experience it live you better get yourself to New York City quickly. Gyllenhaal will star in the Stephen Sondheim musical for the second time, opening on Broadway in limited engagement this February. Till then, we have Gyllenhaal’s wild role in Bong Joon-ho’s Okja to look forward to.

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