Two of Jake Gyllenhaal? That's something most girls would be down for. And it looks like they'll be getting a double dose of Gyllenhaal with his upcoming movie.

Canadian director Denis Villeneuve ('Incendies') is working overtime with two films shooting in the next year: the previously reported 'Prisoners,' and now an adaptation of the Jose Saramago novel 'The Double,' re-titled 'An Enemy.'

Villeneuve has teamed with screenwriter Javier Gullon for the film, with Variety reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star. Gyllenhaal would play a history teacher who rents a video and discovers his exact double in the film. He searches out the double only to find, naturally, more than he bargained for. Gyllenhaal would pull double duty in both roles, just like all those bothersome letters pull double duty in his name. Gyllenhaal better hurry up and enroll in the Eddie Murphy school of multiple roles before all the seats are taken... by Eddie Murphy.

Lensing on 'Prisoners' has been pushed back to January due to star Hugh Jackman's other commitments, allowing Villeneuve to begin shooting 'An Enemy' this year.