We kid James Franco. For his bizarro turn on 'General Hospital' and his novel and his movie about Lindsay Lohan...we kid. Now the actor is not only starring in a new commercial but he also directed it as well. And it's about how he directed and starred in a commercial. It's very James Franco...

Truth be told, James Franco is an amazing multitasker and sometimes we wish we had that kind of motivation. It's good to see he's got a sense of humor about his reputation and pokes fun at his own persona in this new ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note (which is some sort of iPad but with a stylus).

In the clip, he solves complex math problems, makes himself breakfast, diagnoses strep throat and participates in a giggly pillow fight with a bunch of hot models. All while directing the actual commercial he's in. It might come off as a little egocentric if Franco weren't so damned charming.

Watch James Franco's new commercial below and then you can go back to figuring out what you want to do with your day (while James Franco is already finishing his third project of the morning).