By now, you have probably seen the awesome first trailer for The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s adaptation of the book by Greg Sestero about the making of the infamous cult film The Room and Sestero’s relationship with its mercurial director, financier, and lead actor, Tommy Wiseau. The trailer sees Wiseau, played by Franco, struggling to deliver just one line in just one scene.

So how did Franco do as Tommy as the confused, emotionally devastated, and vaguely and mysteriously European Johnny? See for yourself - this tweet syncs up the two performances; Franco’s final “good” take from the Disaster Artist trailer with the actual line reading that winds up in The Room.

Franco’s a little late on the pointless water bottle toss (and his accent isn’t quite right, though I imagine that is by design because accurately mimicking Wiseau’s speaking voice might be actually impossible). Otherwise this is top-notch work from the former Harry Osborn. He has captured the eau de Wiseau. And it is glorious.

The Disaster Artist opens in theaters on December 1. We can’t wait to sync up every single scene from the movie with The Room. I imagine they will all mesh as perfectly as this one did. Franco is a true artist, of disasters and otherwise. I just hope Dave Franco’s Greg lines up this seamlessly with the real guy as well. Otherwise, he’s going to look pretty silly.

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