Fans of 'NBC's 'The Office' are likely glad to be rid of James Spader and his oily Steve Carell replacement character Robert California, but that hasn't stopped 'The Practice' Emmy-winner from finding another home on NBC. New reports claim that Spader has signed on to the lead role of upcoming pilot thriller 'The Blacklist,' but what about the drama seems a bit too close to FOX's 'The Following?'

James Spader may be headed back to NBC in the near future, but thankfully not to reprise his 'Office' character before the upcoming series finale. Instead, Spader has been reported to join the leading role of NBC's upcoming crime drama pilot 'The Blacklist,' written by Jon Bokenkamp ('Perfect Stranger') and executive produced by the team of John Eisendrath ('Alias'), John Fox and John Davis.

With a plot that some have noted seems structurally similar to that of FOX's serial killer drama 'The Following,' NBC's 'The Blacklist would see Spader taking the role of former Army intelligence officer and world's most-wanted criminal Red, who inexplicably turns himself in and offers to give up anyone he’s ever worked with. However, Red's offer is contingent on his working with inexperienced FBI agent Elizabeth Keen ('Blue Bloods‘ Megan Boone), with whom he seemingly has no connection.

Well, what say you? Do you think James Spader fits well at the center of an NBC crime drama? Do you have any interest in 'The Blacklist?'