As Ellen DeGeneres preps for her upcoming 10th season, she's recruited one very famous 'Friend' to help her with the promos: Jennifer Aniston. And the results are every bit as funny as you'd expect.

In the first of three clips below, Aniston says, "Coming on Ellen's show is different than doing any other show because Ellen takes care of you from the moment you get here." Then you see DeGeneres channeling a stylist from hell, making a mess of Aniston's hair and makeup and later vacuuming her off before a a disheveled-looking Aniston says, "She's one of a kind ... I love her."

In the second promo, Aniston talks about Ellen's 10th season as the host repeatedly tries to find her best side, finally directing the actress to cover half her face during filming. And in the third spot, Jen says the new season will "blow you away" -- at which point DeGeneres turns on a big fan so she'll look "sexy" like a model.

"But I'm not a model!" Aniston yells over the noise of the fan. "Well, you should be a model," DeGeneres replies. "Just do it. Keep going!"

Ellen's popular daytime talk show celebrates a decade on the air beginning September 10th.

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