There's two things that will get you kicked off 'American Idol:' having a record deal or just a plain old record.  Unfortunately, for Top 13 finalist, Jermaine Jones, it's the latter.

The 25-year-old New Jersey vocal instructor allegedly hid his criminal past from producers but all will come to light on tonight's show, when the finalist is DQed.  Jones is accused of committing two violent crimes last year and falsifying his identity to police.

While Jones will no longer be a part of season eleven's Top 13, he'll now join an elite club of 'Idol' castoffs deemed too unsavory to compete on the squeaky clean singing competition, including season two contestants Frenchie Davis, whose topless internet pics got her the boot and Corey Clark, whose record for battery and resisting arrest caught up with him on 'Idol.'  Allegedly hooking up with Paula Abdul probably didn't help either.

FOX has yet to release a statement on the matter though his official 'Idol' twitter account has been deleted.  Jones, whose entry into the Top 13 was a second chance miracle, managed to tweet "Awww I will no longer b on the show," before the account was nixed.

Jones' sudden exit is sure to spark debate among fans, especially after producers went lightly on former stripper, season seven's David Hernandez and season six's Antonella Barba, who was photographed in a wet t-shirt while standing in the fountain of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Apparently, a little patriotism goes a long way on 'American Idol.'