The film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical 'Jersey Boys' has long been rumored to be dead without any official confirmation. Jon Favreau was originally attached to direct, but the project was soon stuck in turnaround and dropped to the bottom of Warner Bros.' priority list. Now, a new report suggests that it might be coming back to life with the help of Clint Eastwood.

The last film Eastwood directed was 2011's 'J. Edgar' and word was that he wanted to follow that up with 'A Star Is Born,' originally starring Beyonce while Bradley Cooper and Tom Cruise had reported involvements. However, multiple sources relayed to THR that Eastwood has entered talks with GK Films and WB to helm 'Jersey Boys' instead.

In actuality, however, we have to take this with a grain of salt, as neither studio/production or Eastwood reps would confirm the story. But that hasn't stopped the sources from saying the actor/director/producer wants to squeeze in 'Jersey Boys' before 'A Star Is Born.' Following this scenario, Eastwood may have decided to prolong the latter project when Beyonce exited and the movie was thought to be dead without a big name like the R&B diva.

Broken into four parts, each representing a different season and member of the singing group, ‘Jersey Boys’ tells the story of musician Frankie Valli, his band The Four Seasons, and their rise to fame. John Logan has adapted the screenplay and producer Graham King was the one who originally brought the film to WB.