Though she was rumored for the part of The Viper, it looks like Jessica Biel has passed on 'The Wolverine,' and so the role will go to another actresses.

We previously reported that she had the role, but - as we learned from Collider - the negotiations broke down. The actress was asked about it during Comic-Con 2012, but offered non-denial denials -- the standard practice of people up for roles that they can't talk about.

This says little about 'The Wolverine,' which starts shooting shortly. Biel has been an attractive woman for quite some time, but it's hard to suggest she has much cache as a starlet so her passing on the film doesn't hurt or help the film. At the end of the day, roles for women in films like this are often not as important as the leads or the brand. It's hard to say if 'The Green Lantern' helped or hurt Blake Lively's career, regardless of the caliber of her performance.

What it may mean is that Jessica Biel has something else on the horizon, or that she hopes or thinks that the 'Total Recall' remake will be good for her career. Or perhaps they failed to meet her quote. In cases like this anything is possible.