With having so many Late Show options to watch at night, our fabulous hosts have to be quick on their toes and come up with fun and creative ways to keep viewers attention or we're just going to change the channel. Often they do that by way of audience participation. Last night on Jimmy Fallon, two guys came on stage and participated in "Models and Buckets." What exactly is "Models and Buckets" you ask?Eleven models are holding a bucket with a number on it. One of those buckets has $100 in it, and the rest include (but not limited to): brown gravy, orange Fanta, chocolate syrup, melted Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (Late Night Snack) and confetti. Using the audience to help decide, each contestant has to pick a number, having the model dump whatever is inside the bucket over their head until one of them picks the right one with the $100 in it. Chances are very slim on the first few times. Watch the two-part video to see who gets what dumped on them.

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