In what could be one of the more interesting casting choices of his career (I’m Still Here notwithstanding), Joaquin Phoenix is currently eyeing a role in Mary Magdalene, the new drama featuring Rooney Mara as the titular character. As expected, Phoenix isn’t considering just any role — nope, he’s in very early talks to play the part of Jesus Christ, which…actually kind of makes sense.

Per Deadline, Phoenix is being eyed for the part of Jesus in Mary Magdalene, the upcoming film from director Garth Davis (Top of the Lake). The project has been in the works for some time with Phoenix’s Her co-star Rooney Mara attached to the titular role of Mary, one of Jesus’ most devout followers who was said to have witnessed his crucifixion and resurrection. Western Christianity labeled Mary a prostitute, and though that description is not found anywhere in the Bible’s original text, it’s become largely accepted as fact.

Many mainstream films have told the story of Jesus, though very few have told the tale through the eyes of Mary, his one female disciple. Phoenix hasn’t been seen on the big screen since Woody Allen’s 2015 dark comedy Irrational Man, and has chosen his projects quite selectively since reviving his film career in 2012. The notably fickle actor was reportedly in talks with Marvel for the lead role in Doctor Strange, and came this close to signing on before ultimately backing out.

Davis is directing Mary Magdalene for See-Saw Films, which also produced The King’s Speech and Davis’ forthcoming drama Lion, starring Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara.