Joel McHale certainly keeps busy. He still puts time in at 'The Soup,' he's the star of 'Community,' he just played one of the leads in 'Ted,' and now he's lined up a multi-episode role on 'Sons of Anarchy.' And we're sorry to disappoint Community' fans, but he won't be playing Jeff Winger - it's not a crossover.

Instead he'll be playing a con man who double-crosses the wrong person named Warren, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and he's already been shooting, it seems, as 'Sons' star Katey Sagal tweeted this picture:

McHale was just at Comic-Con 2012, so it's funny this broke after journalists had a chance to talk to the actor (good timing for him, though it could have come up). He and the 'Community' gang won't be shooting for a couple more weeks, so he's got time to finish his run on 'Anarchy' before he has to return to Greendale.

Perhaps with this, 'Sons of Anarchy' will return the favor. We'd love to see Mark Boone Junior or Ron Perlman play transfer students or teachers. 'Sons of Anarchy' returns to FX in September, as will 'Community' for (as of now) a thirteen episode run.